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Blend Ginger And Garlic Together, Add 3 Spoons Of Raw Honey. See The Effects In 1 Week

The health benefits of ginger, garlic and honey mixture

Ginger, garlic, and lemon mixture is helpful in treating a huge variety of health problems. While each of the components of the mixture has its own properties, a combination of all of them leads to additional bonuses.

If taken regularly in moderate amounts, this mixture is helpful in strengthening immunity and improving the overall health condition. Here is the list of common ailments this powerful natural remedy is able to cure and its specific health benefits to human health:

Asthma. The ingredients of the mixture have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties which are helpful in preventing and treating the effects of asthma. The patients who take this remedy experience reducing of high blood pressure and promoting the flow of oxygen to the lungs. This effect leads to reducing various respiratory problems including a cough, cold, sore throat, and a runny nose. To prevent or cure any of the mentioned illnesses, consume no more than 5 grams of the treatment on an empty stomach every morning;

Stomach ulcers, indigestion and other digestive problems. If you need to solve any digestion issues mentioned above, take a ginger and honey tonic or syrup in the morning. If it doesn’t contain garlic, its effect is more soothing than anti-inflammatory. This remedy is often given to children to soothe an irritated stomach.

High blood pressure, atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and strokes. What is the most important in using the mixture for fighting heart issues are the antioxidant properties of the ginger? This ingredient is known to include lipids which derive from fatty acids. When talking about heart health, ginger tea can ease blood vessel tension which leads to reducing blood pressure and lowers the risk of the diseases mentioned above. Remember that taking garlic in excessive amounts might cause an increased heart rate and blood pressure. Prepare the mixture and take a few teaspoons every morning and evening;

Cancer. Garlic is the most effective ingredient in strengthening the defence against cancer. If you need to manage the effects of the cancer treatment, ginger might be the most helpful out of three ingredients. It helps to reduce constant nausea and vomiting that come as a result of chemotherapy treatment being caused by cisplatin, a primary chemotherapy component. It is also known that ginger combined with honey can help not only to decrease the results of the chemotherapy but even prevent cancer and reduce the metastasis. Such an effect is achieved by the action of antioxidant enzymes. When preparing the anti-cancer mixture, add twice more garlic than recommended and consume one tablespoon of the remedy before every meal.

Ginger and garlic for weight loss

Ginger and garlic belong to the most helpful products for weight loss. They are known to increase the absorption of the nutritious ingredients, stimulate digestion, boost metabolism. Studies show that ginger contains a particular type of caffeine that helps in digestion and curbing the appetite. It makes us feel full and satisfied curbing the urge to overeat. Ginger can increase the body temperature to boost metabolism and calorie-burn.

How to prepare ginger, garlic and honey remedy

This remedy is very easy to prepare as you can buy all the products at your local grocery store.


Water - 200 ml

Garlic - 20 cloves

Ginger - 2 roots

Honey - 4 tablespoons

Lemon juice - 150 ml (optionally)

Apple cider vinegar - 150 ml (optionally)


Peel and grate the ginger roots. Then, crush the cloves of garlic. Mix warm water, honey, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar to a bowl and add ginger and garlic. Put the mixture in a blender and process until well mixed. Pour the remedy into a glass jar, and place it in the refrigerator for three days before you use it.

Many natural products have not only a high nutritional value but medicinal properties. Ginger, garlic, and honey have been used for centuries to treat a variety of common diseases.

Their combination is subsequently three times more beneficial to the human body.

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Garlic Ginger Spoons Of Raw Honey


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