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Anti-Natal Cares Insight For Mothers

Ante -- natal care or Pre - Natal care: is the care required by a pregnant woman before the birth of her child. Ante natal care includes the following: 

1. Regular visits to ante -- natal clinic. Doctor or Midwife examines the pregnant woman by carrying out the following tests: 

I. Urine test

Ii. Blood test

Iii. Blood pressure

Iv. Weight check

V. Abdominal examination

Vi. Pelvic assessment towards the end of the pregnancy.

2. At the clinic, the woman also leans about child care and how to care for herself such as :

I. Good nutrition

Ii. Proper clothing

Iii. Good personal hygiene

Iv. Avoidance of strenuous work

V. Avoidance of drug abuse

Vi. Avoidance of smoking and alcohol

Vii. Regular mild exercise and enough rest

Importance of ante-- natal care.

I. The tests at the clinic can show any problems which the woman and the bady may have. This lead for early treatment by the doctor.

Ii. Help the fetus to develop properly.

Iii. It helps the mother to keep well.

Iv. It helps the mother to prepare properly for the child birth.

V. It helps to remove any fear and doubts the mother may have about pregnancy and child birth.


some of the advantages are to baby ,while others are to the mother.

The first milk produced in the first few days by a nursing mother is called colostrum. It is yellowish in colour. It helps to clear the baby's first sticky stool called meconium.

I. there are antibodies present in breast milk , giving the baby protection against infection.

Ii. food stuffs are present in breast milk in the correct proportions

Iii. there is no risk of an allergic reaction to breast milk

Iv. breast milkis produced at the correct temperature

V. there is no additives or preservatives in breast milk

Vi. breastfeeding builds a bond between mother and the baby

Vii. breast milk does not require sterilization as there are no bacteria present that could cause intestinal disease.

viii. there is no cost involved in using breast milk.

ix. breast milk does not need to be prepared

x. breastfeeding triggers a reduction in the size of the mother's uterus.

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