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Bitter Kola and Coconut Water Promising Health Benefits

Bitter Kola also is known as Garcinia kola, is a multipurpose tree found mostly in the tropical rain forest region of Central and West Africa. This highly sourced species is called “wonder plant” because every part of it such as the seeds, stem, and leaves has been used for medicinal purposes over decades.

Coconut is the fruit of the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera). It's used for its water, milk, oil, and tasty meat.

Coconuts have been grown in tropical regions for more than 4,500 years but recently increased in popularity for their flavor, culinary uses, and potential health benefits.


Soak bitter kola in coconut water for two days, use it as explained below and you will gets the following results.

Step 1.

Get 7 bits of Bitter kola, strip the back off, Get a cup or a progressively unmistakable proportion of coconut water.

Step 2.

Put the Bitter Kola inside and leave for three days, drink a small glass of cup morning and night. What does it do. It helps your sheltered structure by refreshing the arrangement of more anti-bodies, with preventing any further contaminations. It has anti-bacterial impacts.

This mixture can help you with the following health challenges;

Low sperm count, Fever, Low libido, Erective, Viral pollutions and Joint, Knee osteoarthritis, Etc.

However, bitter kola naturally stimulates the central nervous system, which may increase alertness and boost energy levels. Antibacterial benefits : One study reported in the Journal of Biosciences and Medicines indicates that the use of kola nut extract might stop the growth of harmful bacteria.

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