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Some Traditional Ways Of Treating Pile

It is good to take care of one's body by taking drugs either traditional drugs ( herbs) or Pharmaceutical drugs (tablets). Before the advent of Pharmaceutical drugs, our forefathers have been treating themselves with herbs which is so much effective, but it is so much painful that most of our generation have abandoned the ways our fathers treat themselves and moved to the modernized way which is not good enough.

We shall be talking of some herbs one can use to take care of Pile

1. Scent Leaf and Bitter-cola

(Scent Leaf)

(Bitter Kola)

a. Take a handful of scent Leaf and a lobe of Bitter-cola

b. Blend the two together very well

c. If you don't have blender, grind it with grinding stone

d. Take a spoonful of this in the morning before eating and at night after eating

2. Scent Leaf and Jatropha leaf

(Jatropha leaf)

a. Take a handful of both scent Leaf and Jute leaf

b. Blend the two together

c. If you don't have blender, just squeeze the two together with little salt

d. Take this once and this should be done early in the morning before eating

3. Bitter Leaf with Cesalpineaceae leave (Asuran)

(Cesalpineaceae leave)

a. A handful of bitter Leaf and Four or Five leaves of Cesalpineaceae leave(Asuran)

b. Blend or squeeze the two leaves together and drink

4. Handful of Moringa seeds

a. This should be eaten

5. Original Honey and Cotton Wool

a. Cotton Wool should be soaked inside the honey

b. This should be put at the entrance of the anus and should be removed and replaced with another one after visiting the toilet.

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