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How My Sister Cured Her Stubborn Infection Using Clove

Yes clove can cure infection!!

If you are part of those that have tried using different method for your infection and it's not working,then you must try this method.

With just one week you won't see that infection

Clove contains a very powerful and active ingredient called Eugenol.

The Eugenol is the most active ingredient in the cloves, because it kills the fungal causing the infection.

My sister suffered from a very bad infection,which have defile all pattern of treatment, we never knew that clove is this powerful until a friend told her about it .

Due to the fact that her infection have stayed for long,she used clove for 3weeks and it vanished.

So you can also have testimony from clove

Cloves can cure the following;

1) Yeast infection;

2)Smelling vagina;

3) Regulate menstruation; .

4) vagina dryness;

How To Use Clove To Cure Infections

1) Get a container and fill it with water

2) Put the zobo pepper/clove into the water

3)Soak it for three days

4) apply it on the outer part of your vagina morning and night untill that infection is no more . And drink some too

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