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Five Easy Push ups You Can Do at Home That Will Make Your Upper Body Stronger

push ups are very important for the human body to remain stronger and younger.Here are 5 different types of push ups that you can do on a daily basis and the part of the body it builds.

(1) Pyramid push ups: In this type of push up all you need to do is place you two hands together on the floor inform of a pyramid and then with your body in a straight form push up as much as you can, making sure you reach your limit.

This type of push up builds the back of your arm which is the triceps.

(2) Crusifix push up:This is done by spreading out your arms and stretching it to the limit as much as you can then you push your body up from that position. Do as much as you can and always remember to reach your limit in every set.

(3) Standard military push up:With your both arms placed by your side in the form of a 90 degree angle, push your body up as much as you can and also make sure it is to your limit.

(4) Vertical wall push up:Vertical wall push ups are done by standing vertically close to the wall and performing the military push ups but this time on the wall. This type of push up is usually done at the end of your workout or at the begining so as to stretch the muscle fibers.

(5) arm on a high platform push ups: Find a stark of text books, take six text books stark them up and keep it by your right side, take another six text books; stark them up and keep it by your left side, now place your both hands on them and begin to push up as much as you can.

Always remember to do each one of this exercise to your limit and repeat the process six to seven times.

Thank you leave your questions in the comment box if you have any.


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