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Making resources available for health and safety management system

To management like directors/senior managers should be active in the management of health and safety. They can demonstrate their commitment by taking action to meet their responsibilities, for example making resources available. 

To determine the resources needed to establish, implement and maintain a health and safety management system, top management should consider:

1. Organisational resources to coordinate the involvement of managers and others in the development of the system. Resources are also likely to be required to ensure those using the health and safety management system have a clear understanding of the system.

2. Time required from those involved in establishing, implementing and maintaining the system.

3. Technical information and equipment required. For example, access to information technology to enable the written content of the management system to be made available to managers.

4. People required to establish, implement and maintain the system most especially managers, health and safety practitioners and workers representatives. It may be necessary to seek external assistance for specific knowledge, skill and experience.

5. Financial resources needed.

6. Amount of support required from top management.

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