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Reduce this risk of developing prostate cancer by reading this

Prostate cancer is marked by an uncontrolled(malignant) growth of cells in the prostate gland

Prostate cancer is usually a very slow growing cancer often causing no symptoms until it is in an advanced stage most men with prostate cancer die of other causes and may never know that they have the disease but once prostate cancer begins to grow quickly or spreads outside the prostate it is dangerous

There is no single best way to prevent prostate cancer but several natural methods can help these include

1 maintaining a healthful weight exercising and eating much fruits and vegetables examples

🍅 tomatoes



Also fish and omega 3 fatty acid know as omega 3 may help to reduce your risk of developing prostate cancer

Note stop smoking

This can reduce your risk of developing prostate cancer

Signs of prostate cancer

1 a painful or burning sensation during urination

2 frequent urination particularly at night

3 difficulty stopping or starting urination

4 blood in urine or semen

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