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3 parts of the human body that are useless to us


The palmaris longus is a muscle attached to a tendon that stretches from the wrist to the elbow. In monkeys and lemurs, it helps function of increasing grip strength for monkies and lemurs being tree climbers but in humans, its simply useless.

Few of us lack this muscle and tendon in one or both arms. To check if you have it or not, place your arm on a chair and bring your thumb and pinky fingers together and you might see it as it comes out or not. It does nothing in the body as grip and strength still comes you muscle.

2. Plica semilunaris

When you ask someone how many eye lids do they have, they will say two which is wrong. It's actually three but the third one is nonfunctional and therefore, useless.

It is also called the nictitating membrane and it is that little pink triangle found at the corner of the eye near the nose.

Its only useful in reptiles and few mammals. It's just a thin transparent film that these animals flick horizontally to moisten their eyeballs without actually having to blink. It also grants them uninterrupted vision. Like in cats, it protects their eyes when hunting or during skirmishes. So why does it have to be useless in human, guess that an unanswered question. The fact is it doesn't perform any important functions in humans.


This muscles is very useful in animal as it's a reaction to sound and when the muscles give rise to the ear it enhances sharp hearing capabilities that we human would not be able to hear. We humans have the same muscle which doesn't do any things for the ear rather than occupying reasonable amount of space.

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