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15 Reasons Why Some Women Are Unable To Get Pregnant

Marriage is always a pleasure to any newly married couple, but happiness is never over if there is no womb after marriage. This may be due to several causes, but we want to address the key reasons why women are not easily pregnant after marriage. This may be the result of the following.

1.Stress: it is one of the reasons why your body isn't healthy enough just to undergo rapid fertilization. It's advised that you need to have enough rest before you meet your husband if you guys are planning to make babies.

2. Sleep deprivation: It induces depression and the immune system becomes weak and affects the reproductive cycle.

3.Weight issues: any underweight or overweight woman can have some difficulties in getting pregnant a baby. Excess weight has an immense impact on fertility.

4.Cycle Confusion: Most women do not recognize their cycle, they are often encouraged to see their physician for cycle clarity.

5.Biofeedback: Planning for pregnancy up to one year is very important so you start making some lifestyle changes and think positively.

6. The fundamental problem of the reproductive system.

7. Low sperm count.

8. The underlying medical problem

9.Irregularities of ovulation

10. Your fallopian tubes are being blocked

11. You've got endometriosis

12.You're over 35 years old, maybe the menopause has set in.

13. Your womb is damaged due to abortion.

14. Due to infection

15.Lastly, you always blame yourself.

I think that if a woman sees any of these problems herself, the question must come from one of the issues outlined above.

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