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Why Mumps Is A Deadly Disease

Mumps Is an infection disease characterised by the swelling of cheek and neck due to inflammation of the patroid glands at the junction of the neck and lower jaw

Caustive organism:The caustive organism of mumps Infectious disease is virus

Source of infection:The source of infection is due to close contact with a patient , the incubation period can also cover between 12 and 28 days .The saliva of patients contains the virus , and so constitutes the greatest danger as droplets from such saliva infects people.

The symptoms of mumps are

1) Swellings behind the angles of the lower jaw

2) Pain around the cheek or throat

3)It is very difficult and painful to open the mouth and swallow even water

How to prevent and control

1)Patients should be isolated for at least 7-10 days

2) Materials of patients should not be used for examples forks, spoon, knives, handkerchiefs and cups must not be shared with them

3) Utensils of patients should be Disinfected

4) Vaccination can give two years immunity

5) Health education at all levels would help to prevent or control mumps

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