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5 Warning Signs That Show You Are Not Eating Enough Food

The human body needs food to function and humans cannot survive without food. Which is why, people need to eat enough food. Various people have different body sizes, ages and weight and therefore, require different quantities of food.

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When people eat food that do not match their body requirements, it is considered to be undereating. Undereating is dangerous and can result in minor problems at best or, serious medical issues at worse.

It is important to know that, some people who are sick are not actually sick as a result of some kind of disease instead, their sickness is caused by undereating. 

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Here Are Five Warning Signs That Shows You Are Not Eating Enough Food

1. Tiredness: foods that contain carbohydrate like, rice provides the body with energy and strength. The body functions properly when it has sufficient energy. Eating enough food provides a person with strength.

However, undereating can cause the body to lose its energy source which can result in weakness and tiredness.

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2. Hair Loss: hair loss is a typical sign of an underlying health problem and it usually occurs when their is a serious problem. The body needs nutrients to survive and function properly and those nutritents are mainly derived from food.

This simply means that, when people do not eat enough food, their body will lack essential nutritents like; vitamins, proteins, minerals etc which can cause hair loss.

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3. Low Blood Sugar: when people eat foods containing sugar and carbohydrate, the body converts, the carbohydrate into glucose which is then stored in the bloodstream.

When the glucose in the bloodstream is no longer sufficient, the blood sugar level will drop which can cause tiredness, fainting or worse. 

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4. Dizziness And Inability To Concentrate: as stated earlier, the body needs nutritents to function. However, when people are do eat enough food, their body will lack the nutritents it needs, which can affect their brain which will in turn, affect them mentally thereby, making it difficult for them to concentrate.

Undereating can also cause dizziness which can be dangerous if it gets severe.

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5. Constant Hunger And Irritability: there is a popular saying which says, " a hungry man is an angry man" This saying is technically true because, studies have shown that, there is a link between hunger and mood swings (anger and irritability).

We feel hungry because, the brain has sent us a message that our body needs food. Once we eat the quantity of food our body requires, that hunger ceases. However, when people undereat, the body will not be full and so it will keep sending hunger messages which will result in constant hunger.  

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