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What It Means If You Develop A Lump On Your Private Organ As A Man

Although it is not unusual for lumps to develop on your private organ, it is advisable not to ignore this symptom if you're a man, especially when it comes with pain and sores. According to Healthline, this article will show you what it means if you have a lump on your male intimate organ. 

1. It may be a sign of cancer. 

If a lump appears on your male private organ, it may be a symptom of penile cancer. If the lump comes with symptoms such as bleeding, rash, itchiness and unusual discharge then it's advisable to see a doctor for a further medical check up. 

2. It may be a symptom of pyronie's disease.

This condition causes curvature in the male private organ and it occurs when scar tissues form on the shaft of the organ, hence making it to appear curved. The appearance of a lump on your male private organ may be a symptom of pyronie's disease. 

3. It may be a sign of a sexually transmitted infection. 

Research shows that some STIs such as syphilis, genital herpes, genital warts and others can cause lumps to develop on your male private organ. 

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