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5 Natural Drinks You Should Take Regularly For Improved Voice

There are many advantages to having a good voice. Apart from making you the most sought-after in churches and religious gatherings. You can also make a fortune with your voice. Although some people are naturally blessed with a good voice, but if you discover that you're not one of those, and you still want to have a smooth voice. This article will show you five natural drinks you should consume regularly to improve your voice.

1. Lemon juice. 

Many people dislike drinking lemon juice because of its taste, but lemon is packed with vitamin C, which helps to clear the build-up of mucus in the throat. However, to get optimum result, you're advised to mix honey and lemon juice in warm water. Lemon juice is obtained by pressing out the water from the fruit.

2. Mango smoothie.

Because of its rich vitamin A content, mango is said to be good for the voice. It maintains the health of the mucus membrane. Singers are advised to take it regularly because it enhances the voice. Mango smoothie is prepared by washing, peeling and blending the fruit.

Note: the seed should be removed.

3. Apple smoothie.

Apples are known to have a proper water balance, which lubricates the vocal cords. It also functions to reduce salivation, thus enhancing your singing performance. Apple smoothie is easy to prepare, you just need to wash, cut, and blend the fruits, also remember to remove the seeds.

4. Watermelon smoothie.

Watermelon is very rich in water content (90%), and as we all know, water helps to hydrate the voice, making it smoother. Singers should try to always eat watermelon before going on stage or, better still, drink the smoothie. Watermelon smoothie is refreshing and nutritious, it also has many nutritional benefits.

5. Orange juice.

Orange is among the most widely grown fruit in Nigeria. Many people love consuming it because of its taste and nutritional benefits. However, research have shown that orange is good for the vocal cords. The rich vitamin C content in orange helps to hydrate and smoothen the voice. You can purchase oranges in markets all around the country.

You can further improve your voice drinking enough water, engaging in voice training exercises and singing regularly. Music is good to the ear, but the ability to sing is even better.

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