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How to handle severe menstrual cramps

As a lady, I can relate well with whoever is having severe menstrual cramps. Mine starts five days before I even see my period and it gets more and more painful like my tummy is constricting. Menstrual cramps ranges in people and it's an unbearable pain that could mess with your day to day activities. The pain is caused by uterine contractions just before or during the onset of your period.

Menstrual cramps can also be accompanied by other symptoms which includes nausea, dizziness, loose stools, fatigue and even headache. No need to panic. Pain relievers work for typical severe menstrual cramps. Ibuprofen is a very good example of a pain reliever for menstrual cramps.

Regular exercise is another tip that helps in managing the severity of menstrual cramps in women of all ages. Placing a heating pad on your lower abdomen can also relieve the pain, it has proved to be an effective method too. Taking certain supplements too helps in aiding eating habits. Soaking yourself in a hot bath for some minutes soothes your lower abdomen and back. It's also relaxing and it's a very good way to manage your stress. Resting well at all times helps too.

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