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Diseases that can make you have back pain

Back pains are still one of the most common health problems that most people have. Over time, it has become a common problem that affects both young and old people.

Back pain could mean a lot of different things, so it's important for everyone to know what it could mean.

MedicalNewsToday says that back pain could be caused by the following diseases.

Kidney problems

It has been found that most people who have back pain have problems with their kidneys in some cases. This is because pain from the kidney can spread to the back or even the groin.

The person who has it often feels like someone is stabbing them in the back or in a certain spot. In some cases, it has been shown that kidney infections or stones are the main cause of back pain in most people.

Spinal cord cancer

Cancer can happen in any part of the body, and it is a disease that always ends in death. Studies have shown that a person could possibly get spinal cancer.

As one of the signs and symptoms of this kind of disease, a person will often feel pain in the area where it is happening. After this, there should be a lot more signs of sickness.


Arthritis is a disease of the bones that is mostly caused by inflammation around the bone and all over the body. Back pain is another common sign of this illness that a person might feel.

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