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How to cure Peptic ulcer permanently

Some people normally check for how to cure stomach ulcer or what to do when you have ulcer. Well, here it's home remedies and what to do.

You may find relief when you do these followings:

1. Choose a healthy diet full with Vitamins A-C ,food grains and more.

2. Consider to eliminate milk sometimes drinking milk can make it better but then,add excessive acid which later hurts.

3. Control stress: Stress may worsen the signs and symptoms. And also increase to giving you headache

4. Avoid smoking. Because it will even cause greater harm to your body and it will cause more damage to the physical health and internal organs too.

5. Avoid or limit your alcoholic / alcohol intake

5. Try getting enough sleep. Because, it will help reduce fatigue and help the mental health

6. Consider switching pain relievers. You may ask your doctor if any pain relievers is the best option for you before you go ahead and take the drug yourself.



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