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Disease prevention and treatment

Solution for infection in the body.

Solution for infection occurs when another organism enters your body and causes disease. The organisms that cause infections are very diverse and can include things like viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites.

You can acquire an infection in many different ways, such as directly from a person with an infection, via contaminated food or water, and even through the bite of an insect.

Of recent STAPHYLOCOCCUS AUREUS, P.I.D, SYPHILLIS, CANDIDIASIS and other related infection has been a major threat to Mankind,

it is a believe of majority that STAPHYLOCOCCUS cannot be cured medically and through other means. The goodness is that NEW ANSWER has come out with HERBAL CURE, this herb provides outstanding solution to STAPHYLOCOCCUS and other infections.

If you have tried several means and there is no solution, it is time to go HERBAL. It very effective and trustworthy.

Have you been experiencing the following symptoms in recent time ?

*foul smelling urine

*pus in urine

*frequent discharge

*pelvic inflammatory disease

*something like a moving object in the body

*pus in urine

*cloudy urine

*hotness of body always

*waste pains

*itchiness in private parts

*frequent urinating

*a persistent sore throat

* lost or irregular menstruation

* fibroid.

* cyst

*Urinary Trac infections


*arthritis pain

If yes, her is the solution:

It does not matter how long you have been infected, we have cure for it.

Right from time immemorial till date, the issue of infection has been the challenge of mankind, this is why herbal method has come out with a lasting solutions after making thorough research, with the use of herbs, seeds and roots combined together to proffer healing.

Items to use:





Wash all the items above

Boil them together

Sieve out the boiled items, to have only the solution

Then, drink for 5 days, morning and night.

Note: drink a moderate quantity.

STRENGTH : Very Effective, Potent and Efficient.

Prevention of infection

There are many steps you can take to prevent the spread of infection. Be sure to follow the tips below:

Do good hand hygiene. Wash your hands frequently, especially before eating or handling food, after using the toilet, and before touching your face or mouth.

To be vaccinated. Many infections can be prevented by vaccines. Examples include, but are not limited to: measles, whooping cough, and hepatitis B.

Avoid sharing personal items. This includes drinking glasses, toothbrushes, and razors.

Practice safe sex.

Cover wounds or blisters. This can reduce the chance of infection. Don't pick or scratch it.

Use insect repellent or spray. These products can help you avoid mosquito or flea bites.

Be careful with the food. Always prepare food in hygienic conditions and make sure it is heated to the correct temperature before eating.

Avoid wild animals. Make sure all animal bites are examined by a doctor.

You know before you leave. As you travel, think about all infections that are specific to your area. Some of them might even have a vaccine.

Close your mouth when coughing. If you are sick, remove the handkerchief that is used correctly. If you don't have tissue, cough on the elbow instead of on your hand.

Stay home when you are sick. This can prevent you from spreading the infection. Be sure to ask your doctor when you can return to work or school.




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