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Reasons You Should Take Edikang Ikang Often

Food is one of the vital components that helps in sustaining humans. It is any substance taken that provides nourishment to the body for keeping life in existence.

One of the physiological functions of food is 'protective and regulatory' function. Foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins perform the following functions; maintain the body temperature, water balance and heart beat.

Edikang Ikang is an example of food that is rich in minerals and vitamins. Edikang Ikang, is commonly known as vegetable soup. It is a local food mostly found in southern part of the country, especially Cross River and Akwa Ibom. The main constituents of the soup are Pumpkin, fish and pepper.

Researchers have made it known that health issues basically arise from our food intakes. Studies carried out showed that intake of excess carbohydrate and cholesterol causes malfunctioning of the heart and other organs in the body. Therefore, it is expedient that we are conscious of foods we consume. Also, it is essential that we take foods that improve our health. 

Health Benefits of Edikang Ikang

- Increases Blood Volume

Pumpkin actively shoots up the blood volume and also improves the immune system. Doctors mostly prescribe it for patients who are liable to blood lose in order to increase the blood levels.

- High Fiber Content

Rich in vitamin A and C, also minerals like Iron and Calcium. Vitamin A plays a major role in maintaining the skin freshness and clear visions. Vitamin C is responsible for wounds and scars recovery, Iron and Calcium helps to make the teeth, bones and muscles active.

- Medicinal Function

Medical conditions like malaria, anemia and convulsion can be cured with pumpkin, when prepared as herbs.

How Edikang Ikang Is Being Prepared in A Healthy Manner

-When It's Being Consumed with Healthier Meals

It should be taken with meals like flour or plantain rather than meals that are rich in carbohydrate.

- Prepare with Moderate Palm Oil

Too much of palm oil causes increase level of cholesterol in the body system. Thus, you should ensure to cook your nutritious Edikang Ikang with small portion of palm oil.

- Prepare alongside Healthy Vegetables

Different tribes have different ways for preparing their Edikang Ikang, based on their tastes. Nevertheless, it's been confirmed that water leaf contains anti-inflammatory fungal and bacterial properties, also it slows down the rate at which heart diseases set in. Thus, waterleaf is highly recommended for preparing nutritious Edikang Ikang soup.

I hope you have learnt something new today. Please, leave a comment.

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