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Why Should Not Break Your Knuckles


Understand what causes the cracking sound.

When you crack your knuckles, it is basically the same thing as dislocating your shoulder, as you are pulling the bone and cartilage apart to release a gas called synovial fluid which makes a popping sound as it expanding to the joint it can take these released gas up to 30 minutes to dissolve back into the synovial fluid that is why you usually have to wait a while before you can pop the knuckle again.

Cracking your knuckles stimulates the nerve ending and stretches out the joint which is why it feels so good.

Beware of the possible dangers of knuckle cracking although several studies have show that knuckles cracking does not lead to arthritis, people who have continue to crack their knuckles for a very long period of time has developed symptoms that includes.

1 slightly reduced hand strength.

2. Swollen or painful ends.

3. Soft tissue causes damage to the joint capsule.

4. Damage to the hand ligament that is the soft tissues that connect our bone.

Are you ready to pay for all possible danger which can occurs because of breaking your knuckles think brothers and sisters.

Content created and supplied by: Okegbemiomolade (via Opera News )


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