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If You Soak Bitter Kola In Lime Water And Drink Twice Daily, Here Are The Results You Will Get

This is a herbal mixture prepared by extracting the nutrients in a medicinal seed called ''Bitter kola'' using lime water or juice as the extractor.

Read to the end to see various health issues that can be reversed using this medicinal drink.

Bitter kola

The health benefits of bitter kola can never be overemphasized. They are known to be very potent in the process of detoxification. Years ago, they were used by our ancestors in neutralization of poisons, treatment of cough, fever etc.

They are known to contain vitamins, fibre and several minerals including calcium, potassium and iron also contains antioxidant properties.


Lime is among the citrus fruits, known for its small size and sour taste. It is known to contain vitamins, immune boosting and antioxidant properties.

How to prepare this juice.

Get a reasonable quantity of lime.

Cut and squeeze out the juice.

Get a reasonable quantity of bitter kola and cut into small pieces.

Pour it into the lime juice and allow to stay for a whole day.

Afterwards, you can drink.


A shot twice daily

Health benefits of this drink includes

It combats digestion difficulties

It serves as a detoxifier 

It boosts the immune system

It fights typhoid and malaria.

It promotes healthy vision.

It helps in weight reduction.

It helps reduce bad cholesterol levels.

It may cure impotence.

It boosts fertility.

It balances blood sugar level.

Thank you for reading. Please do not forget to seek the consent of your doctor before trying it out. Please like and share.

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Lime Lime


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