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Why Doctors Or Surgeon Always Put On Green Or Blue Clothes Before Surgery

According to WebMD, When you think of a doctor or a surgeon, one of the first things that come to mind is their attire. They're usually dressed in green or blue scrubs, caps, and masks, and for good reason. The color of their clothes plays a crucial role in ensuring a safe and sterile surgical environment.

The tradition of wearing green or blue clothes in surgery dates back to the early 20th century when the first modern surgical scrubs were introduced. Prior to this, surgeons would perform surgeries in their regular clothing or even in street clothes, which was obviously not an ideal situation. They would simply wash their hands and use a sterilizing solution before the procedure, but this was not enough to prevent infection.

Then came the introduction of sterile surgical gowns, which were made of a lightweight material and were designed to be worn over regular clothing. However, these gowns were often white, which caused a glare under the bright surgical lights, leading to eye fatigue for the surgeons and their assistants.

Enter the green and blue scrubs. These colors were chosen because they provide a high-contrast environment that makes it easier for surgeons to distinguish different shades of red, which is particularly important during procedures that involve a lot of blood. The colors also reduce eye strain, allowing surgeons to focus for longer periods without experiencing fatigue.

The color green is particularly popular in operating rooms because it has a calming effect on patients and medical professionals alike. It's also believed to have a positive psychological impact on surgeons, reducing stress levels and increasing their confidence. Green is also less likely to reflect onto other surfaces, which helps to maintain a sterile environment.

Blue scrubs, on the other hand, are preferred in some surgical settings because they are less likely to show stains or spills, helping to maintain a clean appearance. They are also believed to reduce glare more effectively than green scrubs, making them a better choice for procedures that require a lot of fine detail work.

Overall, the choice between green and blue scrubs often comes down to personal preference or the policies of the specific hospital or surgical center. However, both colors have proven benefits in ensuring a safe and sterile environment for surgical procedures. The color of a doctor's or surgeon's clothing may seem like a small detail, but it plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of any surgical procedure.

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