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Gay Rights Activist Bisi Alimi Says, "Cut Off Your Family If They Don't Accept You"

Nigerian gay rights activist and HIV advocate, Bisi Alimi took to his Instagram page to post a general message. 

In the picture message, he talked about putting one's self first before family, captioning it "you are the best thing to happen to you, stop looking for acceptance where there is none".

And if need be, people should be courageous enough to cut ties with family members who cause a problem to their mental health.

He said it's the best thing people can do for themselves.

Oftentimes, most of us are pressured to conform or give in to the demands of family members against our wish.

An while trying to please them we remain unhappy. 

Here's what he wrote in regards to it:

"I know many will find this hard, but cutting off your family for your mental health is the best gift you can give yourself. Do it now or they will eat Amala at your burial and spray your money on musician at faji".

Bisi, who is a highly recognised personality in the LGBTQ community, has experienced what it feels like to be ostracised by family because of his natural orientation. He first came out on television, Funmi Iyanda's show New Dawn With Funmi, in 2004.

He's often stated in interviews that after revealing his orientation, he was disowned by his family and asked to leave his home. 

Now based in London and seemingly living his life happily, Bisi is a good example of how one can be their best selves away from toxic family members who don't accept you.

I think his message is valid.

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