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Check Out How Drinking Pap Without Sugar May Affect Your Blood Sugar Level

Pap is a common Nigerian food which many people take as an alternative to tea. It may be taken with a local bean cake or bread or even buns.

It is sometimes taken as a breakfast or even as dinner but It may affect you negatively if you have diabetes. had a surprising experience when I drank pap without sugar with bean cakes( akara) after I was diagnosed to be diabetic .

I had no inkling that the food I used to eat with sugar would cause a spike in my blood sugar level when I took it without sugar, until my blood sugar level was checked the next morning.

Out of amazing surprises, I decided to carry out a study to find out whether what I are was unsuitable for my condition or for my body and look at what I found out.

1. Pap is a liquid calories.

Whether you add sugar or not, It is a carbohydrate food and devoid of fiber, so it will quickly enter your blood stream to increase your blood sugar level.

If your insulin is not working efficiently, your blood sugar level will rise automatically. It may not matter whether you take it with bread or bean cakes.

2. The fiber in pap have been removed.

The removal of fiber from corn makes it almost an empty calories. Boiled corn is a complete whole grain,but when it is processed, the fiber in corn is removed,and that is where the proteins and other minerals in the corn is.

3. Fiber is what makes our guts healthy.

Fiber delays the absorption of glucose in the body and helps to keep us full for a long time. Foods devoid of fiber are easily assimilated into the body and that is not very healthy for people battling with diàbetes.

4. It may cause you to become hungry easily and crave for more calories.

When you eat food like pap, the quick assimilation by the body causes you to get hungry easily and this may result in your taking some snacks which are unhealthy for your body.

Conclusion: If you have diabetes or prediabetes or you are watching your body against blood sugar spike, insist on whole grains and avoid any food that is just liquid calories . They may cause your blood sugar level to rise.

Content created and supplied by: StayHealthy (via Opera News )

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