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The things you do that make you less attractive

Sometimes, being a beautiful person has nothing to do with your appearance or looks. There are several everyday habits that makes you less attractive, and none of have to do with physical appearance.

Sleep deprivation

We can look a lot less attractive after skimping on sleep. At least, eight hours of sleep is required for a healthy body and mind. Generally, you just feel and look better when you get the necessary amount of rest. Being sleep deprived is not only bad for your looks, it has even worse effects on your brain. A person can suffer severe psychological breakdowns and possibly death.

Being mean

Do nice guys really finish last ?

Some people might argue that girls prefer bad boys to nice ones. But being mean on the other hand just makes a person less attractive to others.

Contractive body language

Expanding your body makes you look more confident and open to other people and makes it easier for people to start a conversation. Folding you arms and frowning could send a negative message to people that you aren't open to others. A smile never hurts anybody 🙂.


Working the body and mind until exhaustion continuously makes you age faster and look older than you actually are. The level of stress in a person can always be seen on their faces, meaning you'll look less attractive and probably be fatigued . Chill out - you might look hotter.


A person's attractiveness can correlate with traits like helpfulness, and how hardworking they are. Couch potatoes spend the day shovelling food in their mouths while others are working. Did you know?, There are two types of sweats, one contains fatty acid and the other doesn't. Sweating while playing video games or watching a movie is just caused by heat, no fat is burnt.


Being immodest or bragging doesn't just makes a person less attractive to others, it kills relationships. People are more likely to start a conversation with humble people, because they are obviously everyone's favourite.

Whining and complaining

People just turned off when you complain about literally everything and find faults in everyone and everything. Complaining is totally normal, but when it gets too much you enter the zone of unattractive intolerability.

Not listening

As a guy, you should know that listening to women's blabbering really means a lot to them. There's a difference between nodding and actually listening to everything people generally say, it's a really attractive trait. If you want to come off as the warmest and friendliest person, think about practising some listening skills.

Being Negative 24/7

Nobody wants to be around a Debbie Downer - a person who always kills the good vibe and bring up the negative part of things, it's not so fun to be around you if you're this type of person.

You act superior: Someone who looks down on other and act superior is not very attractive. Though, some people do so to stand out, nevertheless, no one likes to be around someone who sees everyone as inferior.

You are rude: Obviously, no one's likes someone who's disrespectful and doesn't see a problem with it.

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