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5 Common Lifestyles You Probably Didn’t Know Can be Dangerous to Human Health.

Research has shown that more than 1 million people die each year due to health-related causes, and a huge percentage of that estimated number is death resulting from ignorance of the dangers embedded in some lifestyles or practices.

Regarding this article; we shall be considering some common lifestyles that have the possibility of causing damages to the human body, and in some cases; death. See them below.

1. Eating heavy food late at night.

The habit of consuming late-night foods, most especially heavy meals that are rich in carbohydrate and protein have been proven by research to be detrimental to a person’s health and wellbeing. Eating heavy meals such as garri, beans, yam, potatoes, etc., at a late hour of the night can amount to health issues like; stomach irritation, constipation, general body discomfort, poor digestion and unhealthy weight gain.

2. The excessive consumption of sugary food.

The excessive intake of caffeine, sugary soft drinks, alcoholic drinks and other substances with excessive sugary content can be dangerous to a person’s health in the short and long run. Apart from standing the risk of having diabetics, a person can be exposed to the risk of having heart-related diseases, skin ageing and obesity. 

3. Using a toothbrush for more than 3 months.

Medical experts and dentists have warned against the habit of using a toothbrush for more than 3 months. The reason for this is owing to the infection of the gum with pathogens and germs which can also give rise to toothache and oral malfunction.

4. Using the same underwear for more than 3 days without washing it.

Apart from sustaining a body odour, you stand the risk of contracting several infections and diseases. Wearing a pant, or boxer as you may call it, for more than 3 days has the possibility of causing several irritations in the private area, general discomfort, infections and an allergic of the sexual organs for both genders.

5. Keeping your phone against your skin or pocket.

This is one common lifestyle quite a lot of persons are guilty of. Placing the mobile phone or any gadget that contains electromagnetic waves and current can cause a distortion in the human circulatory process, or can likely increase the risk of cancer and the damage of vital organs in the body.

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