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Is Eating Egg Bad For People With High Blood Pressure?

Unfortunately, some people have lost their lives due to the persistent effects of high blood pressure. Both medicine and healthy lifestyle changes may be effective in treating the condition.

The most beneficial diets for those who suffer from these diseases are discussed alongside other lifestyle factors. There has been a long-held belief that patients with High Blood Pressure and similar heart diseases should avoid eating eggs.

In any case, I want to address this issue here. Here is the connection between eggs and blood pressure, as reported by Mayoclinic.

Mayo Clinic research shows that although eggs are rather high in cholesterol, eating them had no discernible effect on blood pressure.

Eggs convert to good cholesterol, which is fantastic for heart health, thus eating them may help persons with high blood pressure.

Eggs are a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as a number of other vitamins and antioxidants that work together to improve overall cardiovascular health.

There is no evidence that eating up to seven eggs a week poses any risk to heart health, and in fact, doing so may reduce the risk of certain types of stroke.

While there are many health benefits to eating eggs, there is some evidence that doing so while diabetic may increase the risk of heart disease. While there is currently no definitive research on this topic, additional research is required to confirm this assertion.

So, those with heart disease can consume eggs without worry.

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