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These Are Symptoms Of Blood Disorder You Need To Know

Blood disorder can cause various symptoms in almost any area of the body. Most commonly, symptoms are caused by decrease in the blood components.

* Decreased red blood cell and hemoglobin can cause symptom of anemia, such as fatigue, weakness and shortness of breath.

* Decreased White blood cells or immune system protein cab cause recurrent fever and infection.

* Decreased platelets or blood clotting factors can cause abnormal bleeding and bruising.

Some symptoms are more suggestive of a blood disorders, just a few examples include the following.

* Blood clot (phlebitis), usually in leg most often cause swelling, redness, and warmth of the leg or shortness of breath.

* Blood blisters in the mouth ( caused by platelet or clotting problems.

* Pallor ( pale skin) caused by anemia.

* Swollen lymph nodes caused by white blood cell cancers.

Occasionally symptoms may relate to increase in blood components.

* Increased red blood cell can cause thickening of the blood ( increased blood viscosity) and there by cause headache and a red complexion.

* Increased immune system protein also can cause thickening of the blood. Increased blood viscosity

* Increased platelet or blood clotting factors can cause inappropriate excessive blood clotting ( thrombosis ).

These are the causes of blood disorder so therefore maintain good health and keep yourself safe.

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