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Scientists Believe Men's Beard is Designed to Cushion the Effect of a Punch to the Jaw

Since I saw Osama Bin Laden's beard I have been fascinated with men's beards a lot, wondering what purpose it serves. Though I don't personally keep a beard.

Now some scientists think men's beards are designed for a purpose - to absorb the effect of a punch to the jaw.

Right from the days of Adam and Eve, humanity have always been fascinated by long flowing beards and saw it as a sign of dominion and virility. 

This conjures up the picture of a lion dominating the forest and striking fear and reverence into all other animals there.

Scientists think that a lion's mane protects its throat from the attack of an enemy's claws and teeth.

But what about man?

A man's beard protects him from the effects of a punch to the jaw by absorbing and distributing the effect to other areas of the face. 

This in turn prevents the jaw from breaking.

The scientists wrapped bones in sheepskins that had furs and sheepskins whose furs were removed, and put them on an anvil, after which they allowed a blunt rod to fall on them from above.

The bones that were wrapped in sheepskins with fur did well by absorbing 30 percent more energy from the force of the blow than those that were wrapped in sheepskins without fur.

The results proved to the scientists that hair can truly reduce the effect of a blow to the jaw. 

I personally have always known that men's beards were meant for a purpose, though I couldn't fathom it until I came across this study.

In spite of that fact, I wouldn't keep any beard because it makes me uncomfortable.

What do you think about this topic?

Do you like to keep a beard or not?

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