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All You Need To Know About The Gene That Makes A Child Violent And What You Need To Do About It

All You Need To Know About The Gene That Makes A Child Violent And Capable Of Murder and What To Do About It

There are several genes that makes up the human physiology, these genes also affect the emotional capabilities and incapabilities of every individual on the planet. A lot of these genes are buried deep beneath the surface of actions and characters that we present but are always present. For instance, there are individual's who have the capacity to be more violent than others but in situation where they haven't been presented with the right situation, it may seem as though they are the most gentle of souls. 

One of the many genes that has been proven to be associated with agressive behavior is the Warrior gene. The warrior gene has been since proven by scientists to be present in serial killers and prison inmates serving time for unimaginable crimes. However, the question has always been: what can- or should--be done about these genetic predisposition that has had such grim effect on our society? 

The usual response has always been a quick manipulation of answers and questions by genetics experts. Most of whom end up denying that the gene are ever involved in bad behaviour. Despite the manipulation and irregular answers the world is now aware that the gene is of grim consequence to our society and we need to get serious about figuring out how to interface with noxious genetic sisceptibilities like this one in a way that are fair and decent for everybody. 

The Gene in question, The Warrior gene, comprises particular variations in the X chromosome gene that produces monoamine oxides A(MAOA). Monoamine oxide is an enzyme that affects the neurotransmitters dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. Collectively, the variants is known as MAOA-L. 

How To Quickly Recognize a Child That Has The Warrior Gene

The Gene (MAOA) has been linked to antisocial behaviour, first identified in 1993 in a large Dutch family that was notorious for violence. Ever since its discovery, it has been in the media as one of the most exciting topics. It was then it got the nickname, "warrior gene" in 2004 as a result of several articles in science, of a places. It seems children who are anti-social are very important suspects in the warrior gene research. 

To further back up the existence of this gene and its efficacy, a paper on the subject published in Finland had the input of several scientists who came to the conclusion that a majority of Finnish criminals convicted of several violent crimes frequently possessed either the MAOA-L or a mutated version of another gene CDH13 which is also linked to violent patterns. So technically, the gene as explained is present in those who have violent behaviour. So if your child is too aggressive or violent, pay attention to such kid. 

CDH13 is involved in signaling between cells. In research made on the gene, it was linked with deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, Schizophrenia, substance abuse or bipolar disorder. It recently got included in the list of genes associated with violent criminality. Though substance abuse isn't far from being susceptible to being violent as is being bipolar. 

The Environment Matters a Lot Too

Though scientists have found that their research into the presence and lack of the warrior gene influences the character of individuals but they also know perfectly well that even their findings is open to being affected by other factors. Past research has found that the environment also influences an individual. For instance, men who went through tough childhood or child abuse often possess the MAOA-L gene. Perhaps it has been present and was activated by their tough childhood. 

Though the Finns found no such connection in their research. They say, "maltreatment did not modify the risk in anyway." However, they came to the conclusion that Alcohol or any form of intoxication could be a quick activation of the gene. 

Well-supported it may be, and child abuse is certainly a plausible connection. But the Finns found no such link in their studies. They say, “maltreatment did not modify the risk in any way.” They have, however, identified another factor they think is crucial: intoxication, either with alcohol or amphetamines.

What To Do

I guess the best thing to do about children who have the warrior gene is to carefully shape them by using the environmental factor. There should be enough care and love to allow them recognize that violence isn't the way. I have often seen African parents beat their violent children but unfortunately, this only makes things worse. Beating up an overly aggressive kid is only exposing him to violence.

Allow the kid into proper environment, and deny such kid the rights to watch movies with excessive violence.

Ensure such kid mingles and makes friends.

Caution and draw lines when you need to.

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