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Could You Imagine What I Ate That Has Transformed My Stomach?

I have been hearing about people saying, that they had a great terrible running stomach. I thought it's impossible, but not until last night where i didn't even close my eyes, talk more of sleeping. I really got mad yesterday, because all my attention was on the toilet, to the extent that the "what if pit get filled up"?

Seriously, i won't advice you to ever eat this food, because i don't know whether you would survive the tension, especially when my stomach started dancing Brake Dance.

Below, is the food that changed my intestines yesterday

This food is nothing else but, white rice and beans cake, It's called Moi-moi in Nigeria. Well this is a popular food to both old and young, rich and poor, in Nigeria. But despite the respect, this food gets from me, the still didn't appreciate, instead nearly killed me. But actually, i really enjoyed myself, but nearly got killed by a common food. That was how it happened to me, the other day that i ate a lot of hot beans, which transformed by belly to stone,

Not only did i not sleep, but also stand still till this morning because i couldn't sit down. But people say "experience is the best teacher" actually i really now believe that, because even in my next world, i don't know whether i would still eat Moi-Moi again.

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Brake Dance Moi-moi Nigeria


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