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Is Nigeria about to be the next Cosmetic Surgery destination haven?

I honestly did not think nor know we had these many Cosmetic Surgery practices in Nigeria not until after I googled them as a follow up to the article I did on Doc. Anuoluwapo Adepoju and I was wowed.

I follow two of them on Instagram and was taken aback by the number of women and men doing cosmetic surgeries.

Almost 100% of the women came in for stomach, breasts and buttocks related procedures in all the practices I researched on. There are pictures of the procedures done with their faces and identity protected.

If you have ever complained about having small breasts, flat buttocks or big stomach and worried about the costs of doing it abroad, fear ye not. You can schedule any of these procedures in Nigeria which would be cheaper and a bit more convenient for you.

Lagos , Abuja and Port Hacourt are the only three places with these Cosmetic Surgeon Practices in operation.

The Cosmetic Surgery practices I have listed are the ones with active and recent postings on Instagram.

This is not an endorsement on my part.

The average costs of doing a Cosmetic Surgery outside Nigeria travel costs starts from about $4,000 depending on the state though.

Photo credit : Carecredit

As you can see from the above picture that cosmetic surgery in the US is quite expensive. With less than the above mentioned above, Nigeria can be another cosmetic surgery destination like Mexico, India and others with facilities as good and excellently trained Doctors too.

I have included their pictures with their locations to make it easy for any interested person to check them out.

1. Medcontour Limited. Location: Lagos & Abuja.

2. Regal Plastics Surgery Centre.

Location: Port Harcourt.

3. Kleinburgmedsp . Location: Lagos

4. Indigo Medical Aesthetics . Location: Lagos

5. Lekkihill by Valueseed . Location: Lagos

6. Soulplace Surgery . Location: Abuja

These are ones I was able to find out during my research.

Would you be willing to have surgery done on you if .money is not an issue?

With the number of surgeries done on their individual pages , a lot of Nigerian women have had work done on their bodies . Some would lay claim to some slimming drugs, while some would credit the gym. Very few would tell you the truth and source of their new banging bodies.

If indeed we attain that status of go to for body obsessed individuals on a budget, the economy in the coming years would be boosted by foreign cash inflows.

Whatever it is, Cosmetic surgery is going to be a big deal in the nearest future with our vain obsessed culture.

Content created and supplied by: ErunmuQueen (via Opera News )

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