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How to get trapped water out of your ears

Sometimes water gets trapped in our ears and it makes one very uncomfortable. In this article, I will tell you how to deal with it whenever it happens.

This often happens when water gets trapped during swimming, bathing, or washing of hair. It's an unpleasant situation that triggers restlessness and worry. The unrest caused by having water trapped in the ears can make a person take risky actions to get it out.

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Here are 3 things to do and avoid:

The 3 Don'ts

1 Don’t put fingers into your ear

There's a high risk of pushing wax down the ear canal. Dirty hands may also introduce fresh dirt into the ear.

2 Avoid the use of hydrogen peroxide without a doctor's advice

Hydrogen peroxide helps in unclogging and even cleansing the ear. It can cause ear irritation.

3 Avoid insertion of cotton balls

Cotton balls or swabs are popular, however, they are extremely dangerous as they can easily push earwax and dirt into the ear canal. It can also remove the wax that protects the ear. Some of the cottons may even get stuck inside, increasing the chance of ear infection.

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The 3 Dos

The following three tips will likely remove the trapped water without much effort. 

1. Jiggle the ear lobe 

Wipe the ear with a clean dry towel. Then, tilt your head down toward the shoulder on the side with the affected ear. Also, try shaking your head from side to side. This method most often works.

2. Allow law of gravity

Instead of tilting the head towards the shoulder on the affected ear and gently draw out the ear lobe. This stretches the ear canal and can help drain out the trapped water via gravity.

3. Use alcohol and vinegar 

Alcohol aids to evaporate water, while vinegar retards the growth of bacteria. Both remove trapped water from the ear. To make this solution just combine half alcohol and half vinegar. Once it's thoroughly mixed, use a sterile dropper to put 3-4 drops in the affected ear.

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