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Covid-19: Is this a good time for strike?

Friday, July 17, 2020

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Take responsibility

When we talk of civilization and trends, we refer to the western world. When we seek models and examples, we also look up to developed nations. But when it comes to humanitarian duties and obligations, we forgot to look the same direction to see how much selflessness citizens of these nations bring into the improvement of their countries.

At a time when essential workers in other climes are offering the best of their time, resources and comfort for the betterment of the health sector which has globally been affected, some persons in States in Nigeria are agitating for indefinite strikes and suspension of duties.

Much as the reason for strike is justifiable and permitted by law, this is no time to agitate for what was not done years back. This is no time to leave ailing patients to their fate especially as we all know the financial implication of the Covid-19 scourge on the pockets of everybody, the State Government inclusive.

This is time to take responsibility by showing empathy and being considerate. Governments, corporations, societies, organizations and individuals must support and not make things difficult for the other.

More importantly, parents should endeavour to buy facemasks for their children ahead of the reopening of schools. Individuals should also practice the preventive measures of hand washing, hand sanitizing, wearing face masks and keeping social distance in crowded places.

Together we shall survive the time!

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