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If You See River In A Dream, Here Is What It Means

To see a river in your dream refers to a property which you will buy, a good update about your health and relief.

To see a long, hig speed or strong river in your dream may represent that your health, financial power and your self are very strong and you are being envied.

To dream that the water of the river is clear indicates that if you have health problems, they will be fine. Your debts will disappear; you will make profit from your job. To dream that the water of the river is unclear signifies that you will have small health problems but you will overcome them immediately.

To see that you wash your face by taking water from the river symbolizes recovery. You will hear good news from a place or person when least expected.

To dream that you are in the river may suggest that you will have some problems about a property which you will buy but these problems will disappear as soon as possible.

To see of pushing a person into the river in your dream may represent that although you aren’t ready in terms of financial issue, you will buy a new property and you will reach a big relief after a bad process. If you see that a person pushes you into the river in your dream, it means that a person will want money from you or this person will want information from you about your disease which you had before.

To dream that your thing drops into the river may represent that you will renew this commodity or take a similar gift.

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