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FICTION : My Son Is Smoking Weed And I don't Know what To Do

Hello, my 16 year old son is smoking weed and i don't know what to do. I realise people may have differing opinions on this but it is the effect it is having on him.

He has dropped out of 6th form (was just doing GCSE resists not a-levels), so has no qualifications, he's spending all his time with the wrong people, no personal hygiene, stole from us, sold things to pay for weed and refuses to get a job.

I've tried banning him in (not practical when we work full time. I've stopped giving him money (i don't work so my money can be spent on drugs) and am taking his keys from him today so he can't be in the house while i'm working (sick of having to hide things all the time).

We are due to go to Florida next year and booking flights next month. Thinking of saying that if he's not clean i won't be booking him a seat. I'm at the end of my tether

A user reacted by saying

As hard as this may be, it might be just a phase.

I think you've done right thing by saying that he can't have money. He wants to buy it then he needs to get a job.

I wouldn't book him a holiday would tell him that he hasn't earnt it. Stealing from you is unacceptable.

I would set ground rules ie he goes back to school or gets a job.

No smoking it under your roof. No stealing. He chooses to break these rules then he finds somewhere else to live. Does he have family members he could stay with?

When I was about 14 I was giving my dad a hard time, not coming home, skipping school, attitude etc and he sent me to live with my uncle miles away for 3 weeks. Safe to say I had shock of my life, my uncle didn't stand for any nonsense lol and being away from family and friends sucked so I soon sorted my attitude out lol could try this?

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