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Signs And Symptoms Of low red blood cells

According to Healthline, A low red blood count can cause feelings of fatigue and weakness. When a person has a low red blood count and low hemoglobin levels, their body has to work harder to get enough oxygen to other cells. When a person does not have enough functioning red blood cells (RBCs), they have anemia.Women and people with chronic diseases tend to be more susceptible to developing anemia due to issues such as heavy periods, childbirth, surgery or ulcers. Symptoms can range from mild to severe and the causes could be anything from a genetic blood disorder to simple iron deficiency.Untreated anemia can exacerbate underlying cardiovascular issues. Extreme cases can lead to an enlarged heart, heart murmurs, or even heart failure. This is why they should be treated early.

Here are early signs of anemia you shouldn’t ignore.

1.Cramping and Tingling in Limbs: The large leg muscles require a lot of blood and oxygen to function. Oxygen deprivation causes them to work overtime and cause fatigue, weakness, severe cramps, and restless leg syndrome (RLS), which may contribute to insomnia.Anemic patients may feel a crawling or itchy sensation in the feet and legs, which can worsen at night.

2.Pale Skin Tone and Brittle Nails: Pale skin in an anemic person is caused by the lack of hemoglobin in red blood cells and a lack of red blood cells in general. As the numbers of red blood cells become restricted, not enough reach the surface of the skin. Also, the nails become brittle because they are not receiving sufficient nutrients.

3.Fatigue: If you're feeling tired or weak, having trouble sleeping and are unable to tolerate even moderate exercise, anemia could be the culprit.

4.Problems with Focusing: Inadequate oxygenation of internal organs causes the diminishing of physical and mental energy levels. This causes distraction and an inability to focus even on simple tasks.

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