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Stop Adding These 3 Ingredients To Your Soups And Meat Delicacies

Much of the recent uprise and increase in unknown and terminal diseases is attributed to what we consume daily. All forms of cancers, diabetes and organ failures, which were just a rare disease then, are now becoming the topic of the day. And still, many people don't know that much of what our health is now is as a result of the type and quality of food we eat.

Nigerians can't do without soups and meat delicacies. All our efo riro, Isi ewo, Banga soups, to mention a few, are very nutritious, delicious and inevitable to us. In short, soups and meat delicacy dishes are typical Nigerian staple meals. We just can't do without consuming them.

However, it's so heartbreaking that so many people cook their soups and meals with ingredients that are harmful to their health.

Agreed, some of these ingredients make our meals sweet, and reduce the cooking time but they do much harm than good. Some people will even use too much of these ingredients in their meal, claiming that the more the concentration of the ingredient, the more yummy the meal will be. These ingredients are capable of causing long term damage to our liver and kidney if we keep consuming them.

1. Seasoning cubes

Everyone calls it "Maggi" here. Seasoning cubes make our soup sweet, no doubt about that. But have you tasted real soups well cooked with meats and other assortments? If you do, then you will discover that it's pointless adding seasoning cubes to your soup. Seasoning cubes contains flavor enhancers which have the potential of increasing your blood pressure due to their high salt content, causing diabetes, hypertension, heart related diseases, and other health disorders. It is good to eat well, but it is better to eat healthily.

2. Potash

It is known locally as "kaun". It is mostly used for preparing ewedu soup, okro soup, ogbono soup, nkwobi, abacha and ugba. However, the consumption of potash at high concentration is detrimental to human health. Potash contains high amount of sodium and earthly impurities (Earth potash or kaun) which can cause irreplaceable damage to the kidney and liver, and increase high blood pressure when consumed too much in foods. However, when potash is used in very little quantity, it has no side effect. Also, the manufactured bicarbonate salts for cooking is safer to use than potash, but also at minute quantity too. Let's have this at the back of our mind.

3. Paracetamol

The National Agency for Food and Drugs have warned against the use of paracetamol for cooking, especially for meat tendering. But some people still don't know its adverse effects.

There are various fast ways to make your meat soft and tender. To make meat tender and soft, you can use a pressure cooker and cook in slow heat.

Paracetamol may be a pain relieving drug but it metamorphosize to poison when it gets in contact with high temperature that come from cooking. Paracetamol, at high temperature, changes to paraminophino and benzoquin which affects the kidney and the liver. Repeated consumption of this drug in meals endanger our organs as they fight to regulate and detoxify the toxic chemicals, which in turn damages the organ's cells.

Living an healthy life is a matter of choice, our own choice. Eating sweet meals are good, but eating healthy meals are the best. You don't even need any of these three ingredients in your soups and meals. Our natural spices are healthy, nutritious and great choice to spice up our dishes. Make the right choice today by ditching those "sweetened toxics" called ingredients. It's for your own health. Share to your friends who need to read this article.

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