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3 Signs Stroke Is Imminent

Stroke is any sudden medical condition that is caused when there is an abrupt disruption in the body's nervous system. This also happens when the supply of blood to the brain is cut off. Stroke also leads to some damaging consequences like numbness and death on one or major parts of the human body. Whatever the case may be, it is important that people know when stroke is around the corner:


One of the very common signs of stroke is weakness or numbness especially in areas like the face,legs and arms. This numbness could last for a long period of time or may not even go at all. Nonetheless,it is important that you seek medical attention immediately you feel any sort of numbness in whatever part of your body.

Confusion and lack of coordination

People who are on the verge of having a stroke usually notice some form of confusion. They suddenly find it hard to coordinate themselves, forming sentences also becomes hard for them and understanding other people becomes sort of a riddle to them. Such persons also begin to get dizzy and sudden feelings of fatigue. They find it difficult walking as well as controlling the direction which their bodies go. There's absolutely lack of all coordination.

Eye sight problems

When stroke is about to strike, the eyes are one of the many organs it seems to attack first. It usually begins with a little blurry vision to not being able to see with one eyeball at all. This could seem as a normal thing especially if the person is old, however, symptoms like this must not be ignored no matter how aged the person is.

As an individual, it is very important that you arm yourself with priceless information like this. Ensure you get very good medical care and make sure to eat a healthy diet.

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