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Why coconut is bad for your heart

Coconut oil may be regarded as one of the most harmful cooking oils, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Coconut oil increased LDL cholesterol even when compared to palm oil, another tropical oil with a high saturated fat content. Replacing coconut oil with nontropical unsaturated vegetable oils, particularly those high in polyunsaturated fat, such as olive oil, will improve your health.

Coconut meat is the white fleshy part of the fruit. It contains a substantial amount of saturated fat, which is highly contentious. 

Multiple research and studies showed that consuming of a lot of saturated fats was linked to an increased risk of heart disease

Some scientists argue that, while coconuts do not appear to harm heart health, most people do not consume enough to experience any negative effects particularly on a Western diet. 

Notably, coconut meat is high in calories. If you do not restrict calories elsewhere, overeating it may result in unwanted weight gain.

Coconut oil should not be used as a regular cooking oil in the kitchen, but it can be used sparingly for flavor or texture.

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