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Pregnancy period

How to manage headaches during pregnancy

Photo Credit: Healthline

Headaches are a frequent pregnancy ailment. There are numerous reasons why pregnancy can cause a headache, ranging from hormonal changes to poor sleep and a sudden reduction in coffee consumption. Headaches are a pain in the head and they are not usually dangerous for women and babies, but they can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort.

Here are some factors that can cause headaches during pregnancy

Headaches are common among women, so it's not surprising that they occur during pregnancy. Although a headache during pregnancy might be caused by a variety of factors like hormonal changes, low blood sugar, dehydration, lack of sleep, emotional and physical stress, and muscle strain from changes in your posture due to the constant growth of your baby.

Here are ways you can manage a headache during pregnancy to get relief

1 Stay hydrated

Photo Credit: Healthline

It is important to stay hydrated during pregnancy especially when you are taking a break from coffee. You still need fluids so drink plenty of water or non-caffeinated beverages.

2 Go to bed early

Photo Credit: Verywell

Getting enough sleep at night can help you maintain your energy levels during the day which reduces your risk of developing a headache.

3 Yoga

Photo Credit: WebMD

Pregnancy yoga can help you relieve muscle stress in your neck and back. You are advised to try simple neck stretching exercises and breathing exercises.

4 Improve your posture

Photo Credit: Babycentre

It is too easy to slouch so make an effort to sit up straight and walk with your shoulders back. Good posture can help avoid back and neck muscular pain especially as your baby and belly grow.

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