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"She Is So Flexible" - Check Out Stunning And Amazing Pictures Of This Nigerian Yoga Queen.

Hello great readers,

I'll be showing you amazing and stunning pictures of this Nigerian yoga Queen I came across on social media earlier today.

But before we check this amazing pictures out let's take a look on deep facts about yoga:

Yoga is a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India.

Yoga is one of the six astika (Orthodox) schools of Hindu philosophical traditions.

There is a broad variety of yoga schools, practices and goals in Hinduism, Buddhism and jainism.

The term "yoga" in the Western world often denotes a modern form of hatha yoga and yoga as exercise, consisting largely of the postures or asanas.

the practice of yoga has been taught to date, back to the pre-vedic Indian traditions; possibly in the indus valley civilization around 3000 BCE.

Yoga is mentioned in the rigveda, and also referred in the upanishads. Although yoga most likely developed as a systematic study around the 5th and 6th centuries BCE, in ancient India ascetic and gramana movements.

So having knowing littel facts about yoga let's move back to this stunning and amazing pictures of this Nigerian yoga Queen:

She goes by the name fit_cisca( the queen spreader on Twitter)

Photo credits goes to the real owners.

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