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How I Decided To Adopt The Habits Of Rich People And How It Changed My Life

It is not something new that rich people have a lot of good habits, and this can be attributed to why they are very successful. What are the habits that people in the category of persons that don't have millions in their account Adopt? And how can these new habits affect my financial well being .

I took it upon myself to answer these questions, and here is what I found out later on. I can’t boast of being a millionaire, but my financial life has really changed. There is a connection between your prosperity,you’re your physical/mental health. Here in this article featured in Opera news, I would be sharing habits of the richest people in the world that I adopted.

Habit #1: Exercise Your Body For At Least 30 minutes per day

I don’t do a lot of exercises, I register in a gym, then forget about it and remember it once a month. This was utterly useless to me, so I thought about creating a system that would allow me to exercise more. So one more time, I joined a gym again but this time with a plan to do work outs 4 times in a week.

This is my wonderful calendar, and the red circles you see in it indicate the days for the workouts. The hardest part of the workouts was packing my bag and heading to the gym. All I wanted to be doing all was just to relax, watch some movie, or just sleep. But when the workout day, I had to go the gym no matter what. After 10 days of repetition, workout became a habit. The tiredness and laziness disappeared all of a sudden. Exercising turned out to be a good way of relaxing. It made me stay calmer and more concentrated. This habit contributes to your finance in a lot of ways. You need collective thinking and concentration, so that you can manage your finances better. With workouts, these can be achieved.

Habit #2: Get to meet New People All the Time

 Do you know the number one currency of very successful people? Communication is !!.That was why I decide to experiment on meeting new people. And not just limited number of persons, as many people as I could meet.

First of all, I made long list of people that I knew, then I broke the list down into 2 groups: Useful and very Toxic People.

Useful people: these are the individuals that I am very comfortable in, I always want to meet them as often as possible.

Toxic people: This is are the crop of persons that make me feel bad, I just want to see these kind of people rarely.

In order to make new friends, I attended a lot of occasions and exhibitions that I had interests in. I was shocked when I found out that there were a lot of people out there with similar hobbies. I also found out that I could learn a lot from them, and possibly achieve something great in the future.

Now pay attention!! Do you know that Steve Jobs of Apple had no technical or programming skill whatsoever? But he owned a multi-billion dollar empire! He got to where he was with the networking of human capital. Get out there and make new friends.

Habit #3: Practice daily meditation

Individuals that are very rich don’t just pay attention to their bodies, they also pay attention to their minds. So in a bid to relax and keep a sound mind, they meditate daily. First off, in order to have a successful meditation session, get yourself a free meditation app. Then turn on some natural sounds in the app, so that you would not be distracted by outside noise. Meditation is very important because it helps to renew energy and keep your mind alert at all times.

Now, I was supposed to be meditating every day. so I decided to do it every evening for 30 minutes. I started noticing the positive results in the second week of the schedule. The normal tension that I always experienced now decreased, and it was now easy to think through tasks every day.

Habit #4: Read a lot of useful Books.

 I really love books, and I love buying them. But I don’t always have time to read them. That is why I have a lot of books that I have not read. Successful people don’t read for the fun of reading, they read to get useful information. They mostly read history-books, business literature, and biographies. So I choose these genres of books and add them to my shelf. Every rich man you see on earth today, have a wonderful shelf life.

Habit #5: Set your goals and achieve them.

In the past, my daily schedule was fully of chaos. So I made up my mind to have to do lists and redistribute daily tasks across the week. If you go to Apple store, you would see apps that you can use for this purpose. This is how things went when I started this practice, I managed to do a lot of things in the course of the first week, than I did throughout the whole of the last month. Do you know the fun fact. I didn’t feel exhausted. 

Habit #6: Wear very simple clothes

Do you know that Mack Zuckerberg buys same sets of clothes every year? A lot of Rich people have this “Lego Wardrobe culture”. So guess what, I decided to do the same, but it didn’t turn out well. Because of “Nigerian factor”, I collected yabbing upon yabbing upon yabbing. Please only try this sixth habit if you are an introvert. Nigerians are the most Hyper sarcastic bunch of people you can ever get to mingle with. When people where yabbing me, I was trying to explain that I was copying Zuckerberg! Guess what? The yabbing got worse. The takeaway of this habit , is that you get to save time thinking of what to wear every day. Another advantage is you get to distract people less. If you are a public speaker, wearing highly fashioned wears can tend to distract the audience. Inside every 10 Nigerians, there are at least 8 that are very impulsive and easily distracted. Example, if the Power supply comes on, some people shout “Up NEPA” , while others keep quiet. Truth is if you are doing a public speech, don’t be surprised if you are just talking to 20 people out of 500 people. Steve Jobs always wore very simple outfits to his public talk-shows… Remember that.


In all honesty, these habits have helped me to become a better person. I am smarter and to be honest my life has changed a lot, and I believe that yours can change as well. I get tired less, I have met a lot of interesting and wonderful people and most importantly, I get to use my free time very well. Do you already have most of these habits? Please share your best habits with us in the comment section below! Share this article too! It might help a friend. 

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