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Meet The Women Who Were Born Without A Womb (PHOTOS).

Meet The Women Who Were Born Without A Womb.

Some women are born with a medical condition known as Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH), and this condition affects about 5,000 women worldwide.

This condition is characterized by improper development of the cervix, uterus when the woman was still in the womb.

Women born with MRKH have normal genitals on the outside but this condition is not discovered till puberty.

This condition means that the woman cannot carry a baby because there is no where for the baby to grow.

Because of this a lot of women facing this challenge find it difficult to talk about it because of how embarrassed they feel.

However, 4 women were courageous enough to speak out on how they have lived with this condition and how they have coped against all obstacles.

1) Ella (28 years)

She discovered her condition when she was 16 years of age because she wasn't having any monthly periods since puberty.

Ever since Ella discovered she had MRKH, she lived in isolation and self hate.

But ever since she found people she could talk to, everything changed and she eventually met a man that loved her knowing she had no womb.

They plan to have their own kids through IVF and surrogacy since she has no Womb.

2) Joanne (33 years)

She found out she had MRKH when she was 17 and it was because she wasn't also having her monthly periods since puberty. Ever since discovering she had MRKH and was without a womb.

She was depressed and fell into alcohol as an escape. Eventually she found a hospital that cared for her and made her accept who she was. Now she is happy and hopeful.

She knows she can't give birth because she has no Womb but she plans on adopting.

3) Kelly (40 years

She discovered she was born without a Womb when she was 15 years old. 

At first acceptance was hard but now she has come to terms with it and looks forward to surrogacy. 

4) Zoe (30 years). 

She discovered she had no Womb when she was 14 years old. After having several pains on the left side of her ovary, she went to the hospital and it was discovered that she had MRKH. 

She has moved on now but it's still difficult living with that reality. 

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