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Here Are 4 Natural Drinks You Should Take During Hot Weather To Stay Cool

Nigeria has two distinct seasons which are wet and dry season. Wet season is characterized by abundance of rainfall and humidity, while hot season is accompanied by high temperature, which is caused by abundance of sunlight. Many people are known to experience dehydration during the dry season because the skin releases sweat to maintain a normal temperature, which in turn increases the urge to drink water. In this article, I will be showing you some natural refreshing drinks you can take when the weather is hot. 

1. Skimmed milk.

This is a type of milk on which the fat has been removed, and it's said to be good for the body because of its fewer calories and higher vitamin content than whole milk.

Drinking skimmed milk during hot weather is advisable because of its high nutrient content, some of which includes protein, calcium, electrolytes, and others. Furthermore, milk also helps to replenish the sodium which is lost during sweating. Consuming a cold glass of milk on a hot, sunny afternoon helps you stay hydrated and nourished.

2. Smoothies.

Smoothies are the type of drinks that are prepared by blending fresh fruits or vegetables. The hydrating and nutritious nature of smoothies is what makes them the best drinks to consume on a sunny day.

Furthermore, smoothies are also natural which means that they're free from preservatives and added sugars which are bad for the health. If you feel hot in the afternoon while at home, blending a smoothie won't be a bad idea. Some examples of fruits that can be made into smoothies are watermelon, orange, apple, pawpaw, pineapple, and others.

3. Coconut water.

This is one of the best liquids you can take on a hot afternoon. Coconut water is healthy, tasty, and hydrating. It's also known to provide instant energy when consumed. It is obtained by breaking the coconut and pouring out the water.

4. Water.

Water is a universal solvent which is notable for its colorless, odorless and tasteless nature. We sweat more during hot weather and when this happens, the water in our body is being converted into sweat by the skin to maintain the body temperature, thus increasing the urge to drink. Going for a glass of water during a sunny day is definitely one of the healthiest things you can do because water is life.

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