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Stop That Nasty Cough With This Wonder Leaf

It no gainsaying that most people - this writer inclusive - now turn turn to alternative therapy as against modern medicine. This is not only because alternative therapy is relatively cheap and easily accessible but because the attendant side effects associated with modern medicine is almost noon existent with alternative therapy.

There has been so much done by the concerned authorities to ban the use of some cough syrup in the past. This is because of is attendant side effect and abuse

The Renren leaf (Yoruba) or menthol leaf is another wonder leaf that most people do not know it's wonder health benefits. The leaf is very effective against cough, nasal congestion and good remedy against high blood pressure.

For cough: Simply collect some Renren leaf, wash it clean and boil in about two cups of water for between eight to ten minutes. Allow it to cool and drink about half cup of the mixture at four hour. You will be amazed at how quickly you will be releaved.

For insomnia: Collect a sizeable quantity of the leaf, wash it in clean water. Extract out the liquid from the leaf by squeezing without adding water. Drink about two table spoonfuls just before going to bed. You will sleep like a baby and wake up like a giant.

Better still, simply collect enough of the leaf and prepare a nice veggie soup out of the renren leaf. You may not want to eat any other vegetables again.

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