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For Women: Some Major Warnings Signs You Will Experience When You Have A Fibroid [Video]

What is a fibroid?

According to the Mayor Clinic, fibroid is the commonest benign tumor in women. It is common in Nigeria and, in general, very common among black women. The cause is still unknown, but some risk factors such as genetic race, nulliparity, and infertility are associated with it. It occurs mostly in the body of the uterus but may also occur in the cervix or even the broad ligament. Fibroids may be symptomless sometimes.


According to an article that was medically review by Dr Beena jeysingh , below are the 6 major symptoms you will experience as a woman with massive fibroid.


1 Abdominal mass : this is the swelling in one part of the belly area ( abdomen).


2 Menorrhagia : This is excess menstrual bleeding in a non pregnant woman.


3 Irregular bleeding : This is persistently unpredictable pattern of menstrual cycle.


4 Frequent urination / constipation : massive uterine fibroid can cause incessant urination or constipation when it's compressed on the rectum or bladder.


5 pelvic pain : presence of fibroid in the womb can cause a pain in the pelvic region of a woman.

6 Infertility : If fibroid is at tubo ovarian junction , it can cause Infertility .


However, suffering from Fibroid should not cause panic for you as a woman . Moreover , do not forget to listen to your doctor's piece of advice.

 Below is the link to watch the video :

Fast forward the video to 1:06 minutes and start watching .

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