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Water Can't Be Destroyed, You Can Be Invincible In Life If You Try To Be Resilient Like Water- Reno

Mr Reno Omokri keeps posting sensible chapters of the RenosNuggets. To some people on Twitter, the RenosNuggets is more than just sensible words to them, they're learning from it and applying it to many things they do.

Last night, Reno talked about the attitude of water and how it should inspire you in life. Water cannot truly be destroyed as it turns from one state to another. No matter how hot you boil water, all that would happen is that it'll turn to vapour.

Mr Omokri's words were water can't be destroyed. If you burn it, it turns to vapour. When the vapour cools, it turns back to water. If you freeze it, it turns to ice, and when the ice melts, it turns back to water.

What Mr Omokri wanted to draw out from these words is for you to be resilient like water because it will make you invisible in life.

Water can adjust it's shape depending on the nature of the container and on the temperature. There's nothing wrong in adjusting yourself a little when trouble comes but make sure you never give up.

Below are some comments Mr Omokri got under this tweet.

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