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You Can Lose Belly Fat While Asleep: Popular Fitness Myths and Truths

Fitness myths are popular stories often times told by gym pals during workout and unless debunked they remain fitness truths, this article is aimed at analysis of fitness popular statements and checking for truths and half truths as well as debunking the myths. In the course of getting that chiseled fit look it is only normal for interesting statements and sometimes suggestions to fly around from half truths to fact-less statements.

Topics of discussion are majorly centered around Exercise and diet, From how much food to eat, what type of food to load ones diet with even to other ways to lose body fat asides exercise this opinions are numerous and it can be difficult to find real answers however, this article will hopefully confirm or cancel some of your questions as we separate facts from fiction.

Weight training means getting bulky - Myth

This is a major fear for female hoping to train and improve physique as they often get scared and try to avoid weights training because of the fear of bulking, actually you slim down as weight training alone does not make one bulk up, it however improves strength and makes one look fitter with planned changes in nutrition one can get bulky.

Men have more muscles than women - Fact

The rate of muscle distribution is not equal, this apparently is an exemption to the popular quote we know " what men can do women can do even better" as natural distribution explains men muscular superiority. The average amount of muscle mass is of approx. 40% of body weight in adult men and of 35% in adult women.

Exercise is only effective in the morning - Myth

Regularity in the gym more key to having maximum results, whether workouts are in the morning or evening it doesn't have different impact on the body or on strength levels, although many prefer morning exercise as it is key to setting tone for the rest of the day, Morning and evening exercise are equally important.

Running on a treadmill is as effective as running outside - Fact

This is because running on a terrain against the wind and a rougher path ends up consuming about 10% of your energy in calories which more energy as against running same distance on the mill, It's the energy expended in working the body that counts.

You feeling sore the day after a workout is a sign that it works - Myth

Muscles can be exercised without aching or being sore afterwards. You do not necessarily need to have a goal of being in pain after a workout.

Do not workout for less than an hour - Myth

You often hear the popular saying that " Rome wasn't built in a day" Yes, that applies to hours of workout it is never about the hours involved but the consistency and efficiency of your workouts that matter. Even if you exercise for 20 minutes daily, your fitness levels will improve over time as that shows workout regularity.

Evening meals increase the risk of being overweight- Myth

It is the calorie intake in meals that matter, therefore begin to plan your meals bar calories intake.

No Pain No Gain - Half-Truth

We could probably categorize this popular quote as a truth, but it's an half truth because it is okay to feel little discomfort while working but sharp pains could be as a result of underlying medical conditions so it is more important to manage ones body and understand pain thresholds. Pain which carries on for days could be a signal that something else is wrong and you should get it checked by a professional immediately.

Fasting before doing cardio - Myth

Yes there is a time span between eating and workouts but it is advisable one eats before any aerobic and cardio workout, as it assists maintain energy level which is key during such workouts.

To Lose Weight Endurance Training is Better Than Strength Training - Truth

Although there is an higher caloric burning rate for muscle mass even at rest and greater chance of maintaining body weight with muscle mass obtained through strength training, endurance training such as jogging and hiking still remains the fastest means of losing weight and most assured on the longer run.

Metabolism Decreases with Age - Truth

Exercising as one ages is key because metabolism reduces about 1% every year as one ages from 20years upwards as that's the peak of one's metabolism, so exercise helps the body metabolism as activity level increases.

You Should work out Everyday to Achieve your Fitness Goals - Myth

Rest is as important as the workout in itself, giving your body time to recuperate and recover its energy level is key to achieving irrespective of your fitness goals.

Exercise Machines Beats Free Weight - Truth

This an easy truth if you want to build specific muscle parts because exercise machines work on isolation of muscle parts and helps achieve work and results faster with repetitive action, many are designed for men but women use some others as well.

Stretch before and after exercise to avoid feeling sore - Myth

There is no proof that stretches before and after workout helps increase ones strength and coordination, many say it helps to counter the stress you may have exposed muscles through workout but it actually only helps body parts flexibility . Feeling sore occurs when you expose your body to excessive stress, start calmly and increase the load gradually. Some reports say stretches have been shown to lose tendon and cause some muscle part inactiveness which is a wrong pre-workout move.

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