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How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle And Benefits Of Such

Living a long healthy life is something everyone wants to do. Being healthy means feeling great and having a much better quality of life. Everyone wants to be healthy, but most just dont have time or they dont want to give up their "junk food" lifestyle. Guess what everyone, eating right and exercising regularly can be fun. Here are some great ways to help get you started on the right path to being healthy. 

 First things first, we got to slow down on the sweets and sugary drinks. Excess sugar in your diet can cause weight gain and it can also lead to heart problems because it raises blood pressure and increase chronic inflammation which leads to heart disease. A sugary drink once a day is ok. But spend the rest of the day drinking water. If you dont line water mix some fruits into it to give it some flavor. Also dont forget the milk.

 The next thing no one can get enough of is exercise. Their are so many types that your sure to find the ones you like. Jumping Jack's, walking, running, squats, there is something for everyone. Even bicycles are a form of exercise. The benifits are heart health, better digestion, better blood flow, and it increases muscle strength. It's also a great way to keep excess weight off. Even afew minutes of exercise in the morning and evening is an improvement. Try to walk as much as possible and if possible break out into a jog. Take the stairs instead of the elevator if you work in an office. There are a lot of ways to get exercise into your daily routine. 

 The next step to a healthy lifestyle is getting enough sleep. Most sleep experts recommend getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night. Try not to eat or drink anything at least an hour before bed to cut down late night bathroom breaks. You should also cut off the cell phone and turn off the TV at least one hour before bed because the blue light that's transmitted can actually trick you brain into thinking that it's still daylight. Try to relax afew hours before bed and get comfortable, clear your mind and forget all of your worries. Meditation is a great art to get into, it will help you to learn to relax and clear your mind. 


 There are many benifits to a healthy lifestyle from living longer to avoiding dangerous and deadly diseases. Some sweets and lazy days are ok but only tmdo it in moderation. Add exercise into your routine through out the day, grab a bananna intead of a snake pack, add fruit to your water so its tastier, and clam down and turn off electronics one hour before bed. These small changes in your life can help you live a much healthier and happier life. Never take your health for granted, you only have one body, make sure you take care of it. Live your life and live it though healthy habits, your body will thank you. 

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